I received "advanced grassroots party organizations," the title

Date:2013年12月25日 16:21

2011, I have been China Jinan Municipal Party branch was awarded the "advanced grassroots party organizations," the honorary award.
June 28, 2012, Jinan justice system advanced grassroots party organizations, outstanding party members and party workers in recognition of the General Assembly was held in Jinan City, Long Austrian building, Comrade Mao Huaming Jinan Municipal Bureau of Justice attended the meeting and made ​​an important speech. At the meeting, on 20 advanced grassroots party organizations from the city's justice system, 15 party workers and 90 outstanding party members were commended. Among them, I have branch was awarded the "political and legal system in Jinan advanced grassroots party organizations," and "the city's administration of justice system clean government advanced collective" honorary title, branch secretary Wei Cheng Mo lawyer was awarded the "outstanding party city's justice system worker "

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