My party branch secretary, partner Cheng Mo Wei lawyer law firm to participate in the province's branch secretary

Date:2013年12月27日 15:06


201year31 August to 4 September , my branch secretary , partner Cheng Mo Wei lawyer attended by the Organization Department of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee Party School of Shandong Provincial Party School of Shandong Provincial Department of Justice in New Law Firm branch secretary of the province's special training campus organizations. Lawyers from the provincial executive director and branch secretary of the province's total outstanding law firm of 60 people participated in the training sessions.
The training is to earnestly implement the relevant requirements of the CPC Central Committee on strengthening the Shandong Provincial Party Committee "two new" party organizations, in particular the construction of the legal profession , the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department , Provincial Party School and the Provincial Department of Justice jointly organized province Law Firm branch secretary special training . The training is a lawyer into the Party School normalizing education and training industry in the history of the province is the first time a lawyer , a landmark .
The five-day training course , all the students carefully studied by the Central Party History Research Department deputy director , doctoral tutor Professor Xie Chuntao speaker of the " General Secretary Hu Jintao ," July "important speech ", Shandong Provincial Party School Graduate Professor Yuan Yongxin , director of speaker of the " spirit of the Fifth Plenary session of the Seventeenth and the current situation ," deputy director of Shandong Province Department of Justice齐延安Speaker "How to grasp the central political status of lawyers , law firm workers socialism with Chinese Characteristics " Speaker Lihong , deputy director of the NDRC segment Shandong Province," Shandong Province "Twelfth five-Year Plan as well as issues related to the development strategy of blue and yellow ," Shandong Provincial Party Committee organization Department deputy Director Han Liping second speaker of the " central, provincial strengthening ." two new " views of the legal profession in particular about party building , requiring innovative spirit and how to strengthen grass-roots party branches and work" and were an important part of strengthening the innovative law firms around the work of party building and promoting law firm management, administration, exchange of experiences and the development of cadres and party leaders went to the provincial education base to visit and study .
Through this training , further improve the all party branch secretary of the party , all the party branch secretary agreed that further strengthening Party building work in the future lawyer , innovative branch -based party building, give full play to the exemplary vanguard party role into full play the role of a strong fighting force branch of the party , to make our province more lawyering to a new level .

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