I was assigned to a party lawyer Lvxue Lei GAOTANG Bureau of Justice testing exercise

Date:2013年12月27日 15:09

According to the Office of the [ 2010 ] No. 30, and Lu Ban Fa [ 2011 ] No. 14 on " exploring party to select outstanding lawyers and law enforcement authorities testing exercise " requirement, Shandong Province, Department of Justice , the provincial bar associations from within the province send 100 outstanding lawyers to the province 50 underdeveloped counties ( cities, districts ) public security organs Secretary testing exercise to work , I Lvxue Lei lawyer was assigned to the Bureau of Justice Gaotang testing exercise for one year. The initiative helps to improve public security in underdeveloped areas of business level, but also help to improve the level of practicing lawyers , enhance exchanges between the legal profession .
To strengthen the Party's governance capability is focused on strengthening lawyer training exercise , to achieve " social recognition lawyers , lawyers into society ," the purpose , according to the Office Document No. ( 2010 ) 30 requirements. Shandong Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Provincial Department of Justice selection Liu Zhen Hua, Zhang Ming , Liu Wentao , Wang , Lv Xuelei five lawyers to Liaocheng Gaotang testing exercise in the province . Broaden the thinking of sending lawyers , lawyers attachment quality inspection . Thinking and learning management GAOTANG regional cadres.
April 8, 2013 morning, the Provincial Justice Department held a mobilization went Liaocheng GAOTANG area and sending them off would be . Justice is about to go on leading the provincial city Gaotang sending personnel to make four points: First, cherish the opportunity to strengthen the training ; Second, strict discipline , fulfill their duties number ; Third, a comprehensive study , a professional advantage , system advantages ; four is familiar with the local political situation and do research work. Will represent the five sending personnel must cherish the opportunity to study in depth .
April 8, 2013 in the afternoon , Liaocheng municipal government and GAOTANG county government held a forum in Tralin hotel welcomes sending personnel . Conference on Learning attachment sending staff to reach a consensus , agreed that the testing exercise is to implement the party's rule of law , administrative law principles and policies of specific measures ; are an important means to develop a comprehensive workout lawyer ; are bold experiment Role of Lawyers ; judicial reform, an important way to explore the legal community building . After the meeting, the government hired us five Gaotang sending personnel Gaotang people's government legal advisor.
April 9, 2013 , sending five people to work all the hillock , I Lvxue Lei Bureau of Justice lawyers in Gaotang attachment , director- assistant. Liaocheng municipal government and Gaotang county , the county government attaches great importance to the work of the testing exercise for sending personnel placed deep hopes. In life there are good caring for sending personnel to address the practical needs of sending personnel ; actively at work, not hesitate to pass on sending staff to grant road. Sending personnel horizons , enriching work experience.

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