Li Lianxiang, Position: Partner
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Office Location: Jinan
Shandong State Yao law firm senior partner , director ; Promoting Democracy member of CPPCC members , Shandong Province , Shandong Provincial Association's legal branch chairman, Provincial Lawyers Association , deputy director of the provincial Education and Training Committee of the Bar Association , the city outside the party intellectuals liaison committee deputy director of the provincial corporate law club , provincial Health Law Society Council member and vice president of the Municipal Law Health Law Research , a member of the Yellow River Delta efficient Ecological economic Zone Expert Group .
Li Lianxiang familiar with the operation , asset restructuring ( mergers and acquisitions ) , share restructuring, construction and real estate , criminal defense and other business areas , especially good at business negotiations . Hong Kong has for the Gold Industry Co., Ltd. , China Great Wall Asset Management Corporation , China Construction Bank branch in Shandong Province , Jinan Military Region Real Estate Board , dozens of group companies, enterprises , government departments, organizations served as legal counsel.
2009 Shandong State Yao law firm founded four years grown to become one of the province's major integrated firm rapidly , has been named " Outstanding Law Firm in Jinan City ", " Jinan City, the administration of justice collective work of art " 2011 90th year of operation , has been named the Jinan Municipal Committee "advanced grassroots party organizations ." In the legal profession because of my outstanding performance , has been awarded the " Top Ten Young Lawyers Jinan City " ( fourth ) , Shandong Province, " Party Intellectuals Jinan advanced individual ", " excellent lawyer Jinan City " ( 2010 ) . " lawyers advanced individual people's satisfaction , " the honorary title.
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