Lawyer processes

Lawyer processes
Step one: phone or email consultation
Simple statement of circumstances of the case , and your questions , your attorney will have a statement or questions about judgment. If you need to go through a lawyer , or circumstances of the case is more complicated, not to make specific judgments in telephone consultation , the firm will recommend you to interview . Or you can consult an attorney by e-mail , a lawyer will be committed within 31 months , no later than three days after such complex cases back to you . Phone or e-mail counseling is not charged any fees . If we believe that your lawyer handling the case was not necessary , will be clearly advised to avoid wasting your time and money.
Step Two: Interview Consulting
If your case requires a lawyer or circumstances of the case is more complicated to understand on the phone can not be expressed , a lawyer will advise you to law firm interview. In the interview advice, please bring a good case can be collected with the relevant material in order to have a better judgment on the basis of material lawyer ; consulting in interviews , counsel risks associated with your case will be made to measure , as well as handling a largely determine the outcome . If necessary, commission lawyer will advise you to hire a lawyer .
The third step: enter into an agency contract
Enter into an agency has three premises:
A lawyer for your case the results have a general judgment ;
2, the lawyer for your case made ​​specific risk prompts ;
3 , you understand the law firm charges .
4 , you acknowledge lawyer ethics, professional ethics

Under the premise of all to achieve the above four cases, you can decide for yourself whether to hire a lawyer . If you decide to hire a lawyer , you should sign a contract with a specific agency law firm . Principal-agent contract in duplicate , one by yourself , a law firm retained by us . When signing the contract , please provide your personal identity card.

Step Four : Billing

After signing the contract agency , please accompanied the staff of the law firm , agreed to the contract costs to the firm's financial officers . Our financial officers , after you received the fee may issue a formal invoice.

Step Five: handle matters entrusted
After the signing of a formal commission contract , our lawyers will be professional , serious and responsible attitude to solve your legal confusion ; in this process also requires your great assistance , provide relevant evidence and facts of the case , in order to best solve practical problems.

Step Six: Summary and handling quality evaluation
After the cases have been processed, we need you to make comments on related cases , evaluate the quality of our lawyers handling the case , if you are dissatisfied or suggestions, please call our complaint telephone 0531 -68,607,706

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