Heze Finance Office Leading entrepreneurs to rate the tour guide

Date:2013年12月27日 15:05

September 25 afternoon, a single county, Heze City Finance Office Director Wang Di Dong, Cao Finance Office Director, Economic Development Zone, Heze, Zhang Lin, director of the area business leaders led to my tour guide. The chief partner country Yao Li Lianxiang director, finance and insurance department Jiangyu Hai, Fan Yongming lawyer law firm on behalf of their visit to give a warm reception.
In managing partner of law firm led by Zheng Ling, the guests visited the fifth floor of my office and on the sixth floor recreation area, listened Minister Li made ​​the basic situation for me, in terms of the development process and the achievements of financial securities introduction, the two sides also discussed the future three new board business legal services were discussed. Financial leaders and business leaders to do to me where the "new three board", "four new board", private debt and other business development fully affirmed and expressed the intention to actively seek the cooperation in this field.     

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