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Date:2013年12月27日 15:14

October 23, 2013 morning, an exciting news quietly spread to every corner of the country by the Yao : China's famous civil law experts , civil academic dean Professor Liang will visit my , so everyone was thrilled . Eagerly looking forward to the crowd , and eleven o'clock , Professor Liang stepped out of urban construction in Shandong Province of Law Law at Sunningdale president and other leaders accompanied the elevator , for I had visited the office area , and with Some lawyers had a cordial exchange. The chief partner country Yao Li Lianxiang guided tour .
Professor Liang was born in 1944 in Sichuan Green God , civil law is a famous scientist , researcher at the Institute of Law of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences , a major player in the "China Civil Code " codification . 2001 Adjunct Professor Liang , Shandong University School of Law dean positions , first elected in 2006 the Chinese Academy of Sciences , is the first of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee , the Eleventh National People's Congress . The are many graduated from Shandong University School of Law lawyers are fortunate enough to have heard his lectures, particularly for the arrival of Mr Leung's natural joy and excitement.
Although Mr. Leung is seventy years of age , but the spirit of strong , during the visit had a lively conversation on the development process of the law , scale and practical issues such as lawyers , and personally as I wrote the " justice practicing law ." words of advice , practical action to encourage lawyers to participate in the cause of promoting the rule of law in the process of China 's great career.

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