I was invited to participate in Liaocheng SMEs "new three board" training will be listed

Date:2013年12月27日 15:07

August 15, 2013 , Liaocheng SMEs "new three board" listing the training will be held in Conference Room Liaocheng fifth meeting of the reception center . Meeting by the Finance Office Maguang Peng presided Liaocheng , Liaocheng, assistant to the mayor , Dr. Jun-Sheng Li , deputy director of Shandong Securities Regulatory Bureau赵洪军speeches respectively. Shandong State Yao law firms and Northeast Securities , China Merchants Securities , Qilu Securities , CITIC Securities and other agencies were invited to attend the meeting.
At the meeting, the Managing Partner of Li Lianxiang I introduced my profile, explained the significance of capital markets for enterprise development. Liaocheng counties ( cities, districts ) in charge of the counties ( cities, districts ) long , Financial Director, Economic and Technological Development Zone , Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone , director in charge of the financial sector the Secretary for Development , Phoenix Lake Resort Management Committee Officers will be in charge of the financial department in charge of the leadership , Liaocheng City Finance Office, Development and Reform Commission , the Commission by letter , Finance Bureau and other relevant departments as well as the focus is mainly responsible for the proposed listing, there are three new board will of the 115 listed companies attended the meeting.
Three new board expansion is an important opportunity to help promote more SMEs to participate in capital markets. Share transfer system in the country after the events, agency and corporate matchmaking site , I Li Lianxiang director Jiang Yuhai lawyers, lawyers Fan Yongming latest expansion of three new board policy put forward by enterprises , enterprises are facing opportunities and other related issues on-site to answer exchanges, given the specific circumstances for corporate legal practice workable proposal received a warm welcome to business managers.        

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