Provincial Law Society vice president Wang Tongyu here full-time study examines urban construction guide the work of law

Date:2013年12月27日 15:10

August 20, 2013 , the Law Society of Shandong Province, Vice President and Secretary General Wang Tongyu full-time to visit the library located on the sixth floor of Shandong Administration Institute Shandong Province Urban and Rural Construction Law Law Research , the research work will be carried out inspections, investigations , provincial law Institute research director Jiang away bridges , researcher Sunbing Rui , deputy director of the Research Department , accompanied by pearl research.
Law Research and Rural Construction in Shandong Province will be devoted to the study of law will be established at the Sunningdale Institute president and other leaders with the president and his entourage had a discussion Wang exchanges . At Sunningdale president made ​​a report on the Urban and Rural Construction Law Research work carried out , and to learn how unique, high quality do well to learn how to talk about the work of his own views .
Wang Tongyu , president of the Institute fully affirmed the work for future research will improve the work proposed guidance : First, we must unswervingly take the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the rule of law , adhere to the correct political orientation of Law ; Second, we must focus on the central task and improve organizational capacity and level of legal research ; Third, we must constantly sum up experience and improve the construction of the mechanism , the Urban and Rural Construction Law Research accomplishing class research will be featured .
After the forum, Wang Tongyu president also visited the country where the unit of Shandong Institute of Secretariat Yao law firm partner of Yao Presidency and Executive Partner ConferenceZheng Ling guided tour . ( Correspondent : Qi Lu )

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