A rate of provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Li research group here, I have a lawyer examine research

Date:2013年12月27日 15:11

September 6, 2013 in the afternoon , Vice Chairman of Shandong Province, Li A rate survey research group to come to inspect my lawyer . Research group provincial CPPCC Standing Committee, former director of the provincial Legislative Affairs Committee, director of high social and legal deposit Hill and provincial CPPCC Standing Committee, deputy director of the Young and Germany, Guo Xinmin , Jiangjing Tang and other 18 members. City Vice Chairman Lee Ho -chen , Municipal Bureau of Justice Xiesheng Ren , PUC inspector , city party secretary Li ends Lawyers often accompanied by other leaders visited research.
Research group first visited I visited the construction and operation of , listened to the report on developments since the chief partner of the mainYao Li Lianxiang established after around the role of lawyers in the "Shandong legal government building" in the play , the presence of issues and legal implementation of the scientific concept of development , in the form of a lawyer on behalf of the forum were full exchange .
Research Seminar hosted by the municipal Bureau of JusticeSecretary , Bureau of Justice inspector , the city party secretary Li Lawyers often reported on the status of client development in Jinan lawyers , lawyers in politics , participation in legislation made ​​in terms of effectiveness and problems . Research team members high deposit Hill , director of Shandong Police College former party secretary Yang and Germany, Lixia District Mayor Song Yongxiang , president of Shandong Bar Association Su Bo , Shandong Gold Group Vice President Li Guohong , Law School Dean Shandong University of Finance and Song Yan , etc. have to speak with the current a high degree of concern on the legal hot social events , and ideas on the development status of the legal profession in Jinan City , lawyers how to better play the role of politics and the participants in-depth discussions and lively exchanges.
Chairman Li in the research made ​​an important speech at the meeting , the results of this research are summarized communication , especially for the developing countries the speed and quality of development Yao spoke highly of the achievements I fully affirmed , and I hope I the work of party building can be a solid and excellent build military tradition in the end . Finally , Li Chairman encouraged me to continue to carry forward the achievements, adhere to the scientific concept of development, out of a law firm with a national development path Yao characteristics , and constantly sum up experience in an effort to build a national Yao typical law firm of healthy development.

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