Employing the concept

Core concept:

Talent concept: pay and conditions, the cause of keeping sentiments atmosphere to people.

Respect for human character, attention to human wisdom ; recognize the value of people , cherish the people 's feelings ; safeguard human dignity and improve the quality of people .
State Yao basic human qualities : honesty, reflection , studious , diligent
Yao people in the country style of doing things : jumping on the line , the line must be fruit , fruit Symbio ; does not impute no procrastination, no speculation country Yao 's professional pursuit : a strong body and mind , sharpening will inspire potential, establish the correct value systems , career ideas and behavior patterns , creating a brilliant career and a healthy hearty life.
There is a broad platform - we have created numerous classic and keep leading the direction of self-transcendence ;
There are limitless innovation - we firmly believe that innovation is productivity , innovation can change the future ;
There are excellent cultural - We advocate a dream , a fair share ;
Here is a young power - we have dreams and drive , struggle to make life shine .
Yao country has talents as our most precious resource , we strive to create for each employee to realize their dream of a platform and establish a fair and equitable competition mechanism , so that all employees can be fully realized , so that all striver Yao to sharing the results of the development of the country .

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