Huangdao court rulings 113 successful cases of labor disputes and Litigation

Date:2013年12月27日 15:10

"Thank enforcement judge , and without your help , we may have dashed the hard-earned money ! " Received their wages in money , the workers were happy to again and again thanks to the Executive Judge Huangdao District People's Court. Recently, Qingdao City Huangdao District People's Court of the Executive Board of a Toy Ltd. Qingdao original 113 employees focused on the implementation of back payment of wages paid , 113 migrant workers happily received his months ' hard-earned money . "

Qingdao is one of a Toy Co. was founded in 1999, Korean -owned enterprises , the vast majority of enterprise employees for the local rural women. December 2012 , the company shuttered due to poor management , enterprise workers more than a hundred months ' hard-earned money , " Seeing boondoggle , anxious, have come to the local government for help.

Under the guidance of the relevant departments , enterprise workers filed arbitration law apply to the labor dispute arbitration department , commissioned by the court in accordance with the labor dispute arbitration department , according to the company's equipment , raw materials and other movable property be seized. After the execution of the program into the case , more than 110 pieces of Huangdao cases the court will focus on implementation of the law on seizure of hundreds of pieces of production equipment , raw materials, to assess the auction. But after two auctions auction company , the seizure of production equipment , raw materials because no one bid and unsold.

In the face of difficulties , in the face of more than a hundred women in rural enterprise workers who are anxious , eager , helpless eyes, executive vice president in charge of the hospital work personally, the relevant police officers led by the Executive Board of the hospital actively discuss countermeasures , seek the best solution of the case. Determined to recover their " hard-earned " more than a hundred migrant workers for these sisters. After numerous consultations with local government , local government leaders , said: Although the government just for business services, have no say in enterprises to operate independently , nor for the obligation to pay the debts owed by enterprises , but , given the interests of the masses of the people's court for the sincere urgency attitude , consistency and purpose of government services for the people , decided to fully cooperate with the Court , and actively coordinate , to find a buyer auction items . In court unremitting efforts with the local government , and finally there is a willingness to assess the unit involved in the purchase price of goods and more than 13 million cases shall be delivered to the court . August 26, 2013 , Huangdao District People's Court of the Executive Board in a timely manner will be fully in place in case of more than 13 million paid to 113 enterprise workers were paid too . After these sisters received more than one hundred migrant workers back to court to enforce wage models , all of them face broadened into a happy smile .

Through the tireless efforts of Qingdao, Huangdao District People's Court of the Executive Board , making 113 cases of collective petition to the successful implementation is completed, the local government has made the people happy and good social effects.

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