Heze Court concluded together with large telecommunications fraud

Date:2013年12月27日 15:23

 Li Mouxuan , Zhao and other components criminal gangs , through telemarketing , defrauding others to buy high imitation mobile phone and four with false number, 82 million yuan to obtain illegal benefits . September 2 , Heze in the hospital over this large telecommunications fraud were second instance verdict, sentenced the defendant to defraud Limou Xuan , Zhao and other four one to thirteen years in prison , and were fined 1-100000 yuan , the other eleven per capita handled separately .

Court found , inter- cultural development of Beijingcompany registered in the business sector, Fengtai District, Beijing , December 17, 2010 has been canceled. June 2011 , the defendant Li Mouxuan , Zhao , Li Moujun ,et al , organize relevant personnel falsely in the name of the establishmentoccasion occasion in Heze City . Administration of China Telecom Beijing company fictional world through 3G network to promote the center to engage in activities in the name , the use of virtual phone network to connect the country has three mobile phone users to dial phone numbers , such as the purchase of a mobile phone lied Mini four can even numbers. After the user agreesdesignated account to remit them advance , cash on delivery way high imitation and fake phone number four with phone cards mailed to the victim through home delivery . August 2011-April 2012 period, a total fraud victims , Beijing , Shandong and other parts of the country 's 436 , 148 and other fraud victims Lumou RMB 82 million yuan in cash .

April 26, 2012 , the public security organs according to reports from the public , the defendant Limou Xuan , Li Moujing , who captured and detained some suspects phone , mainframe computers, analog telephone switches , printers and other tools of crime and 507 home delivery receipts .

The court held that the defendant Li Mouxuan , Zhao et al , for the purpose of illegal possession of fictitious facts , cheat others to conceal the truth in cash , of which Li Mouxuan , Zhao huge amount of fraud , Limou Jun , Li Moujing fraud a relatively large amount , their behavior had constituted the crime of fraud, should be severely punished according to law . Then in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law, made ​​the above decision .

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