Cheating bank credit card constitutes a crime is sentenced

Date:2013年12月27日 15:23

 Recently, Wulian County People's Court hearing together with others to steal credit card ID card overdraft consumption case , the defendant found guilty of obstruction of Credit Management Gemou was sentenced to four years and six months and fined one hundred thousand yuan . Recently, the decision has taken effect .

Gemou small group of children is 80, although the educational level is not high, but a quick mind, a township in the industrial park opened his own factory. September 2011 , due to plant cash flow difficulties, he decided to use someone else's identity bid for multiple credit cards overdraft facility . He has to give himself the factory workers do insurance to banks and other relatives to complete the task as a reason to relatives, friends and others to borrow 26 copies of identity card , in which 26 people , without obtaining the consent and authorization from 26 cheating a bank credit card , overdraft use money 220,000 yuan .

April 2012 , the public security department on suspicion of credit card management constitute the crime of obstruction of detention Gemou . In January, prosecutors prosecution to the court . After because of the need for supplementary investigation , the case was postponed trial. Court found that , on behalf of the defendant Gemou impersonation cheating credit card overdrafts , before the judicial investigation has been repaid overdraft debt. The court held that the defendant Gemou fabricate reasons , fictional facts in different ways to obtain the identity card of 26 others , contrary to the wishes of others , the use of identity cards to the bank to apply for a credit card, its acts are cheating using false identity credit card , credit card management system hindered the country , constitute the crime of obstruction credit card management , and a huge amount of credit card cheating , then made the previous verdict.

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