Former "Friends" debt Paolu judge "Four Heart" defuse arms

Date:2013年12月27日 15:24

Recently, the town of Gao , who lives in Liangshan County village inn Zhang hand side reads " impartial law enforcement , clean and efficient ," the banner to Liangshan County People's Court , he firmly holding executive power in the hands of judges Zhao , said excitedly: " really thank you so much , so many twists and turns as the fee I paid to recover the execution ! "

2009 , the applicant Zhang Department of a trailer parts factory owners , a party to the respondent , named Ma , a supplier , a solution , a five- gold trailer factory run by a partnership to provide trailer parts, due to the frequent travelers on business , Zhang and it became the boss of a few "good friends ." Later, the parties and others to fund a Zhouzhuanbukai grounds, Zhang began to credit in place . Until July 2013 , Zhang et al heard the side of a trailer factory facing closure due to poor management , in which a solution , Kim has been swept away part of the money and ran . Zhang were found in a square , named Ma , parts suppliers ask for a trio of money, the solution can be expressed in a trio , Kim refused to take the property by payment to Zhang. Onsite money have been rejected several times , but unfortunately , the contract dispute Zhang grounds to former " friends " who sued Liangshan court . After the trial, a party who should pay Zhang 92,300 yuan . A party who refuses to comply with the judgment , Zhang in August 2013 to the court for enforcement.

Judge received a hand to perform the patience to do ideological work to appease Zhang after this case , on the other hand can not find a solution , under certain circumstances gold , has been to a party , named Ma , a home provider , patience to do named Ma et al ideological work . Initially, the implementation of the police officers , who named Ma Bierbuxian , not cooperating . However, the implementation of the judges did not give him time and time again braved the scorching sun to find named Ma et al , clarifying the law to them , made ​​clear the stakes , let them empathy, more understanding of the difficulties faced by the applicant Zhang . Eventually, named Ma , who was executed enthusiastic judges , patient, attentive , sincere touched , reached a settlement with the implementation of Zhang , full payment of the money owed ​​accessories .

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