Interfere with the implementation of remote lock car opportunistic theft

Date:2013年12月27日 15:24

Recently, Taian City People's Court concluded together theft , the defendant Xu use car remote control jammer interference victim lock your car , since the implementation of theft , was sentenced to a year in prison . Xu in September 2012 , March 2013 , respectively, purchased a car that can interfere with electronic lock car remote control from the Internet , opportunistic crime . May 23, 2013 18 am, in the vicinity of a school gate Xu Wenhua Road Taian Taishan District , saw a car driving Beetle Panmou victim from the car ready to use out of the car remote car locks , they use their remote control interference shielding signal emitted , resulting Panmou car is not locked . Then , while Xu Panmou left into the Beetle sedan, vehicle theft 2,000 yuan in cash . Since then, Xu use the same means , interfere with completion of a victim , Liu , certain Mazda , Toyota, Audi and other cars lock . Two months, Xu 5 cases of theft , theft of property worth a total of 5759.5 yuan .
Taishan District Court held that the defendant Xu illegal possession for the purpose of the secret theft of property of others , the larger the amount , his behavior constituted theft. In view of the accused to justice can truthfully confessed crimes , and voluntarily pleaded guilty , stolen goods have been recovered and returned to the victim , the discretion to their sentences , then made the above decision . After the verdict , Xu pleaded guilty service contracting .

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