Remote video

PC client - for desktop , notebook
Android client - for Android smartphones and tablets
Iphone client - for Iphone, Ipad
I. Introduction :
Yao country firm dedicated to providing superior , high quality, efficient and convenient legal services to customer demand-oriented , continuous improvement, innovation and customer service model . To meet the arrival of the Internet era of 3G , Yao national law firm with the times, lots of money to purchase " teleconferencing training system," the establishment of a professional " legal service remote video systems ", became the first company to establish a remote Jinan legal services system law firms, to meet the service needs of customers anytime, anywhere . At present, the system has been put into use , get a good rating. State law firm to become a pioneer Yao , innovative legal service concepts , innovative legal services in the form of the times, the new legal services to achieve customer experience .
Second, the " remote video system for legal services ," the five functions and features:
1 , point- instant messaging, video calls , desktop, collaborative office
2 , support for multi-point conference Remote Case Study
3 , providing network remote legal training .
4 , support for multiple access internet terminals
5 , for the temporary formation of large customers teleconferencing system
Third, the system is simple to use and configuration requirements low .
1 , low hardware requirements
As long as there are available the following hardware to access the Internet :
Desktops , laptops :
CPU P4 1.6G and above
More than 256M of memory
30M free hard drive space
Windows98 operating system above ( not recommended for use Windows98)
IE browser version 5.5 and above
Camera, headset optional . Use of audio and video communication

Smartphone: with camera
Tablet PC : with camera
2, the installation convenience
The system consists of computers, smart phones , tablets three installation packages , according to the different access terminals , install the corresponding installer.
3 , simple operation
( 1 ) login screen

( 2 ) The main interface

( 3 ) Remote Network Interface Conference

( 4 ) Legal Training Remote Interface

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