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Li Lianxiang:

Director of Shandong Guo Yao Law Firm
Jinan Excellent Lawyer
Quancheng Top Ten Excellent Young Persons
Vice Chairman of Jinan Lawyers Association
Director of Shandong Lawyers Association
Deputy Director of the Education and Training Committee of the Provincial Lawyers Association
Urban and Rura Construction Law Study Executive Chairman of Shandong Law Society




Mr. Lianxiang is of Han Nationality as the Vice Chairman of Jinan Lawyers Association, Director of Shandong Lawyers Association, Chairman of the Law Sub-branch of Democratic Progressive Party Shandong Provincial Committee, winner of the Lawyer Satisfactory to the People and the Second-Class Merit of Shandong, Director of Shandong Law Society, Member of Shandong Yellow River Delta Efficient Ecological Economic Zone Expert Group, Visiting Professor of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jinan Top Ten Young Lawyers, 2010 Jinan Excellent Lawyer (the First Place) and the Chief Partner of Shandong Guo Yao Law Firm.
Key business scope: company operation, assets restructuring (A/M), equity restructuring, construction and real estate, criminal defense and especially business negotiation.
Mr. Li Lianxiang has provided lawsuit and non-suit service to and acted as legal adviser for dozens of corporations, enterprises, government authorities and groups, including People's Liberation Army of China Jinan Command Property Management Bureau, Shandong Entrepreneurs’ Club, Hong Kong Jinhong Industrial Co., Ltd, China Great Wall Asset Management Corporation, Shizhong District People’s Government of Jinan, Shandong Jiahui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Shandong Torch Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd, Shandong Huafeng Jiayuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Shandong Littleduck Co., Ltd, Inspur Group, Huanghuai Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., Daqing Zhuan Jiangong Group, ICBC Shandong Branch, Weihai Electric Power, Shandong Chinese Medicine Hospital. Its excellent legal service skills and responsibility have won trust and respect from the customers. The main theoretical results : 1, " Analysis of repeated prosecution in criminal proceedings phenomenon and its regulation " , in November 2004 published in the " Legal Forum " ; 2 , a "blank check authorization of transfers ," published in 2007 . " Chinese lawyer " ; 3 , to participate in the" Consumer Protection regulations Shandong Province ( draft ) " legislative drafting.
In the economic globalization today , the tide of building a harmonious society , how timely and efficient for customers to provide specialized legal planning program , allowing customers to avoid financial guarantees , project financing, a company listed , construction and real estate , intellectual property , taxation , environmental protection and other legal risks , a modern legal person must seriously study.
Key theoretical achievements: 1. Rough Analysis on Double Jeopardy and its Correction during Chinese Criminal Proceedings, Legal Forum, November, 2004; 2. Rough Analysis on Blank Authorization of Cheque for Transfer, Chinese Lawyers, 2007; 3. Shandong Provincial Regulations on Protection of the Rights and Interests of Consumers (Draft) (as a participant).
With economic globalization today and the grand trend of comprehensive construction and harmonious society, it is a topic deserving serious study by the modern legal workers to timely and efficiently provide the customers with professional legal preparation plan and protect the customers from legal risks of financial guarantee, project financing, company listing, construction and real estate, intellectual property right, tax, environment protection, etc.
In line with the principle of high start point, high level, high standards, Guo Yao Law Firm unswervingly sticks to the professional development and the operation philosophy interfacing with the world, rejects the “island effect” within the industry, forms strong resources integration ability and achieves optimization and maximization of service quality at all links.
Teamwork and resources sharing is the cornerstone for business development of Guo Yao. Serving the society by professional service and creating brand by credit, Guo Yao provides “one-stop” excellent and efficient legal service to the customers both at home and abroad with remarkable expertise and achieves harmony and win-win success between the society, the customers and the Firm.

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