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Guo means state in Chinese with harmonious governance over local regions; Yao means shining in Chinese by brilliance of sun and moon. Guo Yao symbolizes that people of common ambition and interest enjoy the benefit of morality, stick to the truth of law, takes power of the heaven, benefit the people and work hard for the social ideal of fairness, justness and harmony.
Shandong Guo Yao Law Firm is a large comprehensive law firm formed on approval of Shandong Provincial Department of Justice by the prevailing way of partnership in the world. It has15 partners and over 50 practicing lawyers with systematic and regular education about law in national well-known higher education institutions. Among them, over one half has master or doctoral degree. Some lawyers have Tax Engineer, Accountant, Patent Agent, Engineer and other qualifications. With modern office facilities covering nearly 2000m, Guo Yao has its headquarters at 5/F of the library of Shandong Administrative College, the eastern foot of the picturesque Yanzi Mountain, Guo Yao.
Based in Shandong, Guo Yao radiates to the whole China and aims to create a new brand in Shandong lawyer industry in line with the firm operation strategy of “Norms, Quality and Brand" and the philosophy of “business by love and behavior by gratitude”, Guo Yao combines professional lawsuit and non-suit businesses on basis of regular legal consulting service. It provides personal and professional legal solutions with scholarly rigorousness, expert service and team-based operation.

Teamwork and resources sharing is the cornerstone for business development of Guo Yao. Serving the society by professional service and creating brand by credit, Guo Yao provides “one-stop” excellent and efficient legal service to the customers both at home and abroad with remarkable expertise and achieves harmony and win-win success between the society, the customers and the Firm. Guo Yao welcomes both new and old customers to visit us and discuss about development.
Address: 5/F of the library of Shandong Administrative College, 1 Yanzishan East Road, Jinan (near the southern end of Yanshan Overpass)
Tel: 0531 - 67899077
Fax: 0531 - 68607711
Postal Code: 250014



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